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Accord Professional Corporation, CPA has everything you need for personal tax preparation. Calgary residents can take advantage of our services to tend to every need when it comes to handling your personal income tax issues.

From tax planning to personal income tax returns, we offer a full suite of accounting services so you will never have to worry about your personal taxes. Through expert planning and preparation, our comprehensive business and personal tax services will see to it that your tax filing goes smoothly and costs you as little as possible.

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Tax Compliance

Our tax accountants are always up to date regarding the latest changes in tax laws and regulations, so our clients always get the best personal tax information and most relevant advice on how to minimize their tax burdens.

And because our Calgary, Alberta clients are often involved in cross-border business and employment, our team is well versed in the details and subtleties of both the Canadian Income Tax Act and the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. If you are involved with cross-border trade or services, you need a personal tax accountant with expertise in both countries to help minimize your tax burden.

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Work Through Complex Cross-Border Issues

Cross-border taxation issues can be complex, which is why so many individuals struggle when it comes time to file their tax return.  But we are here to help! When it comes to finding personal income tax accountants, Calgary residents trust our expertise and choose us to help make sure their worldwide taxes are kept to a minimum.

If you have been looking for a personal tax accountant, Accord Professional is a one-stop-shop, with a full range of accounting and tax services

Whether you need to file your taxes in Canada, the United States or both countries, our accounting firm understands the ins and outs of cross-border taxation issues.




Personal Taxes in Canada: Residency

In Canada, your income tax obligations are based on your residency status, not your citizenship or immigration status. Individuals are responsible for determining their residency status and understanding their tax obligations, which is why finding the right accountant in Calgary can do so much to simplify the process.

Our team understands the complex web of rules surrounding these requirements and will make sure that your personal taxes are filed correctly. If you are a Canadian resident or spend a significant amount of time in Canada, you could have a Canadian tax filing requirement.

Even if you are not physically present in Canada but hold certain types of investments, earn wages, or have a rental property, you could still have a Canadian tax filing requirement.

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Personal Taxes in the United States: Residency & Citizenship

U.S. taxes follow a hybrid approach; taxing residency as well as citizenship. If you are an American citizen or a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. (green-card holder), you may have a U.S. filing requirement even if you are not physically living in the U.S. throughout the year.

If you spend a significant amount of time in the U.S. – as many Canadian snowbirds are known to do – you may also have a U.S. filing requirement. Also, if you hold American investments, even if they are held in a Canadian brokerage account, you might be required to file American income taxes.

Not sure if you need to file a Canadian income tax return or a U.S. income tax return? Contact us to discuss your situation.

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Voluntary Disclosures

Are you behind on your taxes? Did you know that there are voluntary disclosure programs in both Canada and the U.S.?

If you need to file either Canadian or American taxes but have been hesitant because you are worried about potential penalties or getting put through the ringer by tax authorities, we can help!

These programs, like the Streamlined Foreign Offshore procedures, can help you get up to date while reducing or eliminating penalties or interest charges. To sort out their overdue taxes, Calgary residents will find the personal tax accountant they can trust with Accord Professional Corporation, CPA.

Has your overdue tax bill been causing you stress? We can discuss your situation and help you find the appropriate disclosure program so you can get caught up without fear of negative repercussions. Contact us!


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Tax Planning

When it comes to planning for personal taxes, Calgary residents always have an abundance of questions. Have you considered:

  • Making an RRSP contribution in order to bring down your taxes?
  • Making a tax-deductible charitable donation, and, if so, what amount would result in the best tax break?
  • Taking action on some investments before the end of the next calendar year? How will their positions affect your next tax bill?
  • Changing your residency status to improve your tax situation?

For answers to all these questions and many more, turn to the Calgary accountant with the qualifications, track record and expertise to get you the best tax return: Accord Professional Corporation, CPA.

Stop searching for a “personal tax accountant near me” because we are the accounting firm to handle all your needs!

For an accountant in Calgary, Alberta, that can handle your personal tax, corporate tax and business tax filings in either Canada or the United States, trust Accord Professional Corporation, CPA. Whatever the tax question, we are here to help!
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