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Managing the day-to-day operations of your business is only part of running a success company. Good record keeping, financial reporting, and assurance are also important because they provide clarity, risk reduction, and resolutions to everyday challenges.

Having an accurate picture of your company’s financials will help you to make sound operational decisions and build trust between your organization and stakeholders. Keeping proper records will also help you with your tax filing and support your filing in case of a tax audit or review.


Tax Professionals You Can Trust

Whether you’re a Canadian or American business or even a self-employed individual, Accord Professional Corporation, CPA provides custom-tailored tax solutions, no matter their long-term goals, applicable industry dynamics, or operating principles. When you work with us, we simplify accounting and assurance to make it less daunting and confusing.

View a breakdown of our accounting and assurance services below:

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Accounting Services

Our team of certified public accountants (CPAs) stay up to date with changing regulatory standards, which means we ensure your filings are accurate and compliant.

Whether you’re a personal trainer or operate in the landscaping industry, our accounting services Calgary firm helps you meet your financial reporting requirements. We provide the following:

  • Financial forecasts and projections
  • Strategic business plans
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Assurance services

We’re also available to provide daily or situational accounting support, including bookkeeping. Hiring an experienced CPA will reduce excessive work for your company, organize your records, and have an eye for detail, which will save your business from paying for costly mistakes.



Financial Statement Preparation

Once your accounting and bookkeeping are completed, it’s time to prepare your financial statements, which will be used to complete your corporate income tax filing.

There are different types of financial statements: Notice to Readers / Compilations, Review Engagements, Audits, and Assurance Engagements.

Notice of Readers or Compilations are the base level of financial statements. This is what most companies will complete if they do not require the next levels of financial reporting for external users of their statements. There is no assurance expressed at this level regarding misstatements; therefore, these may not be appropriate for all users.

Review Engagements are the next level of financial statements and first level of assurance. These engagements must be completed by or overseen by a CPA. Analysis and inquiry procedures are completed during the engagement. An opinion is expressed regarding whether or not it is plausible that the financial statements are free from material misstatement. Your company may require a Review Engagement as part of your covenants for a credit facility with your bank, or your company may require them for bonding purposes.

Audits are the top level of financial statements. An opinion is expressed regarding whether or not it is reasonable that the statements are free from material misstatement. There is more testing and procedures required for this engagement compared to a Review Engagement. These engagements must also be completed by or overseen by a CPA.

Assurance Engagements allow the auditor to provide their opinion on certain aspects of your company’s statements or financial position. The auditor will identify key performance indicators, investigate and collect necessary information, and provide their unbiased opinion.  These engagements will give your business an idea of how to proceed with major decisions, such as investments.

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Assurance Services

Assurance services are a large part of accounting. Our team ensures the integrity of your documents and transactions, including loans and contracts, so they’re accurate and impartial for shareholders and the government.

During our evaluation, we will identify risks and possible pitfalls in order to manage and resolve them. Our assurance services encompass:

  • Risk assessments
  • Business performance
  • Information systems reliability
  • Compliance audits

By using our assurance services, Accord Professional Corporation, CPA will increase your business’ transparency and relevance. We guarantee your information will have a higher value for investors while remaining in compliance.

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Transparency is quickly becoming part of competitive differentiation strategies across various industries, and it adds to your company’s sustainable growth. Investing in our assurance services can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle.

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Consulting Services

Accord Professional Corporation, CPA can act as your company’s external support system and aid your internal team with assurance and accounting. Our consulting services aim to streamline your company. They include:

  • Payroll organization
  • Risk assessments
  • Tax issue management and resolution
  • Quality assurance monitoring
  • Self-sustainable solutions
  • ROI improvements

Working as a consultant with your company allows a collaborative effort of different perspectives that will pave the way for your company’s success. When you use our accounting and assurance services, we make your company better and stronger with faster operations.

Accord Professional Corporation,

CPA wants your organization to succeed, so call us today to assist you with assurance and accounting services.