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Accord Professional Corporation, CPA, is a full-service bookkeeping and accounting firm with over 14 years of experience helping individuals, small business owners and corporations save time and money. We keep their operational and financial records in order so they can focus on their core business services.

Based in Calgary but serving clients across Canada and the United States, Accord Professional Corporation, CPA, specializes in timely and accurate bookkeeping services for small businesses, individuals and corporations to help them keep tabs on revenue and expenses.

Properly tracking each and every transaction is crucial to get an accurate picture of your long-term strategic planning and decision making. Let us take care of your accounting and bookkeeping needs so you can focus your time and energy on the big picture!

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Bookkeeping Services

Financial performance indicators, like cash flow and expenses, allow management to properly craft strategic decision making and goal setting. Without them, it’s impossible to be sure that your business is moving in the right direction. Business bookkeeping keeps track of financial transactions for managers and owners.

Many small business owners in Calgary don’t bother keeping a full-time accountant or bookkeeper on staff to keep costs down, but they often overlook the importance of carefully tracking their expenses and revenues. 

By tracking sales, receipts, payments and purchases in various daybooks and the general ledger, a bookkeeper lays the foundation for an accountant to provide a reliable portrait of a company’s financial situation.

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Bookkeeping: Day to Day Duties

The daily duties of a bookkeeper will always involve a significant amount of data entry and transaction tracing for the general ledger, but they do far more than that.

Bookkeepers are responsible for preparing the following key financial statements:

  • Income statement – Also known as a “profit & loss” statement, this document shows all revenue and expenses during a specified time period.
  • Balance sheet – This document is, essentially, a snapshot of the financial position of your business at a specific point in time.
  • Cash flow statement – This working document tracks the cash and cash-equivalents that go in or out of a company’s coffers.
  • Statement of changes in equity – Also known as statements of retained earnings, these documents show how your share of capital, reserves, and retained earnings have changed over the course of a reporting period.

Also, bookkeeping services will help your company to:

  • Manage accounts receivable and accounts payable so you get paid on time and pay your bills as they come due.
  • Collect and remit sales tax to the government
  • Monitor debt levels and apply debt payments to as they come due
  • Record incoming cash and banking deposits
  • Handle monthly bank reconciliations
  • Equip your CPA with accurate financial statements come tax time
  • Maintain your annual budget
  • Report on issues and variances as they occur
  • Process payroll

Accord Professional Corporation, CPA, can help your company with bookkeeping or accounting solutions for any situation.

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The Bookkeeping and Accounting Services You Need

There’s more to running a successful business than tending to daily operations. Accurate record keeping and financial statements are essential to achieve your business goals. By providing a detailed portrait of your financial situation, our bookkeeping and accounting services help you make the right business decisions.

For both entrepreneurs and corporations, clear records are extremely helpful not only for financial planning but also when it comes to filing tax returns. Our bookkeeping and accounting firm provides detailed financial statements to facilitate corporate tax filing, as well as any related audits or reviews. We keep track of what your business has done, so you can focus on where it’s going.


Self-employed entrepreneurs love our bookkeeping services because they simplify an arduous task, one that can quickly become a major time sink for individuals. Individuals throughout Calgary and across Canada rely on our accounting firm to handle their bookkeeping needs, which makes handling all the other aspects of their businesses that much easier.

With the help of our bookkeeping services, self-employed individuals can focus on what makes them successful, instead of getting bogged down in the books.


Accord Professional Corporation, CPA, works with a wide variety of Calgary businesses, including commercial and residential real estate companies, as well as many different kinds of service providers. Our bookkeeping and accounting services bring together everything they need to make important business and financial decisions.

Our bookkeeping services will help reduce the load on your company’s internal resources. With exceptional organizational talent and an eye for detail, our bookkeepers will help reduce your bottom line and save your business from costly accounting mistakes.

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Accord Professional Corporation, CPA – An Accounting Firm You Can Trust

By collecting and organizing reliable information through our bookkeeping services, our team builds a solid foundation for accurate accounting. It is our mission to build valued and lasting relationships with our Calgary bookkeeping clients, while also providing sound advice and technically compliant services.

Business accounting and bookkeeping is more than simply crunching numbers and filling out various forms. It is understanding the facts and circumstances of each client’s situation, and knowing how to apply the laws, regulations and best industry practices appropriately.

Accord Professional Group is led by Cyndy Packard Osode, a chartered professional accountant. Calgary-based but with a global focus, the Accord Professional Group, CPA, has a wealth of experience in providing financial accounting, assurance, taxation, bookkeeping and consulting services for business all over Calgary, throughout Canada and in the United States.

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