Calgary Corporate Tax Accountant

For corporations of all sizes in the Calgary area, a qualified corporate tax accountant can relieve your company of the burden of filing corporate tax paperwork and make tax planning easier than ever, so you can focus your time and energy on your business.

The Accord Professional Corporation, CPA is a top-tier group of tax accountants in the Calgary area, and they can help your company minimize its corporate tax burden through:

  • Canadian corporate and partnership filing
  • American or cross-border corporate and partnership filing
  • Tax planning
  • Consulting


Small Business Accountants in Calgary

Calgary-area businesses turn to our tax accountants to make sure they successfully minimize their tax burdens and avoid common business tax pitfalls because we stay up-to-date on the latest developments in both Canadian and American tax regulations.

Thanks to our intimate knowledge of corporate taxation and cross-border business issues, our clients are thrilled by the results they get from our tax accountants.

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Corporate tax laws are constantly changing and evolving, which is why so many companies rely on a tax consultant. The complicated process of navigating tax laws from two different countries can be a major undertaking, and the time and energy required take your focus off your core business and can present a major obstacle to keeping your operation running smoothly.

However, the right Calgary tax advisor can take the stress out of the year-end crunch and make sure you get the best possible corporate tax return.

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Business Tax Compliance

Accord Professional Corporation, CPA
specializes in filing Canadian and American corporate or partnership tax returns. Filing requirements depend on where the corporation or partnership is incorporated or formed and where their business activities take place, which affects many Calgary businesses.

This area of tax law is often poorly understood and notoriously difficult to navigate, which is why finding the right tax accountants for small business needs is so critically important. Our tax accountants in Calgary will thoroughly review your company’s financial statements and business history to make sure that no detail is overlooked.

For help determining your required tax filing and assistance with your tax returns, contact us.



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Canadian partnership and/or corporate tax returns are required to be filed for Canadian incorporated companies and Canadian formed partnerships. 

Canadian corporate tax reporting for domestic Canadian companies are typically completed on a worldwide income basis, baring treaty positions that would modify the basic tax laws and regulations. There are situations where non-Canadian companies that are doing business in Canada will also have a Canadian corporate and/or partnership tax filing requirement.

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United States

U.S. partnership and/or corporate tax returns are required to be filed when a company is doing business in the U.S. You can be treated as doing business in the U.S. if your Canadian company is selling goods on the American market or if it is sending people to the U.S. to provide services. In addition to the U.S. federal tax filing, you may also have multiple state filings to complete depending on the level of activities in the state.

Tax treaties are a tool used by corporation tax accountants to minimize double taxation situations. If a treaty position is relied upon, it is required to be disclosed with the appropriate tax authority. In the case of a treaty position taken on a U.S. income tax filing, it is important to note that most U.S. states do not acknowledge the treaty the same way it is recognized for federal tax.

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Business Tax Planning

APC’s services go beyond simply assisting with tax compliance. Nearly everything that your business does has corporate tax implications, but without the right understanding and expertise you might be missing out on areas where you could reduce your tax burden, find unclaimed deductions or gather new information that could help your company’s future prospects.

Here are some questions to consider that could have a considerable impact on a future tax return:

  • Is now the best time for your business to purchase a building or another major piece of equipment, or should your business continue to lease?
  • Should your business sell some of its corporate investments? And if so, when is the right time to do so?
  • Are you considering selling your shares of your business? Would you qualify for the qualified small business company rules to significantly reduce your personal taxes on the sale of the shares?
  • Are you wanting to bring in new shareholders and are considering a share freeze?
  • Can you still continue to pay dividends to your spouse and/or your adult children in light of the new Tax on Split Income (TOSI) rules?

Business tax planning

As you can see, some of these issues could easily fly under the radar, but with the help of a Calgary chartered accountant from Accord Professional Corporation, CPA, you will always stay out ahead of complicated tax situations and keep your business on solid footing.

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Accord Professional Corporation, CPA – The Top Tax Accountants in Calgary

Properly handling accounting and taxation issues goes far beyond crunching numbers. It requires an intimate knowledge of the pertinent laws and regulations, as well as a deep understanding of each client’s situation, to make sure they have a flawless corporate tax return.
Calgary-area businesses turn to Accord Professional Corporation, CPA to get the best corporate tax return, instead of overwhelming their internal resources by trying to navigate the system on their own. We provide sound advice and facilitates tax compliance to make sure that the relationships we build are long-lasting and highly valued by our clients. We succeed by making sure your business does too.
Accord Professional Corporation,CPA proudly provides a full suite of solutions for personal and corporate tax filing and consultation. Small business owners love our services because they can take care of their personal and corporate tax filings in one spot, by the same team, to make the most of their combined cash flows.

To find out how we can help you, call us today!