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Tax Tips & Traps – 2020 Q1

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Click here for our 2020 first quarter tax tips & traps newsletter.

The topics in this edition of the newsletter include various corporate tax and personal tax items as follows:

  • The 20-hour test for tax on split income (TOSI),
  • Federal carbon tax costs and rebates,
  • New IRS relief procedures for U.S. Expatriates,
  • Canadian payroll audits being triggered by CPP/EI rulings,
  • The eligibility for the Canadian Small Business Deduction with regards to mobile homes, RV parks, and campgrounds,
  • Canadian tax deductibility of motor vehicle expenses for employment purposes,
  • Canadian tax deductibility of employment expenses relating to the costs of an assistant,
  • Canadian tax deductibility of travel expenses with regards to shareholder-employees,
  • Canadian tax deductibility of adoption expenses with regards to a step-child, and
  • More tax ticklers!

Should you have any questions or need any additional information on the topics discussed in the newsletter, please contact us.

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